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Disclaimer: does not now, nor does it intend to have, a financial interest in rVotes. This is consistent with our mission of providing objective, unbiased best-practices for Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing to those individuals and organizations interested in advancing the constitutional principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberties.  


Consistent with our mission, endorses rVotes as the best-practices software to enable Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing. rVotes is far more capable than the GOP’s Voter Vault and is based on the same technology foundation as that used by the DNC, Organizing for America, and many others. rVotes, to date, has been deployed to Tea Party organizations in Rhode Island, Ohio, Florida, and Iowa. Other states will soon be added. 


While other campaign software providers have some similar capabilities, such as walking lists, phone banking, and volunteer management, rVotes sets itself apart in a number of important ways.

  1. First and foremost, it is a proven, nationally scalable system since it is based on its successful precursor, Voter Action Network (VAN), used since 2001 by the Democrat National Committee in all fifty states and since 2008 by Organizing for America.

  2. Secondly, unlike most systems which utilize a centralized voter information database, rVotesallows many different organizations to each have their own, private account within the system, while providing seamless data sharing capabilities between groups /committees, if permission is granted.  With this data-sharing conduit capability, relevant voter information obtained through door-to-door canvassing or phone-banking by one group/committee can be made accessible to other rVotes using groups/committees. This has been an unmatched strength of the LEFT, until now, since by usingrVotes precursor, VAN, the LEFT was able to gather voter information obtained by thousands of disparate faction groups. rVotes maintains very precise control over what data is shared and what data remains private. Net, rVotes is ideal for the many autonomous, independent Tea Party groups which can collaborate with each other, where it makes sense!

  3. Thirdly, unlike the tight access control necessary with other systems, any rVotesgroup/committee can add “NEW USERS”, who in-turn can add “NEW USERS” assuming they are provided appropriate permissions. Net, organizations can create a cascading rVotes “USER” community for their geography. rVotessecurity features are such, that if a security breach is realized, anything an infiltrator has done within rVotes can immediately be reversed. Consequently, rVotes is ideal for the many Tea Party organizations, in that it can be quickly deployed to many organization members.      

For over a year  has searched for affordable software, accessible over the internet, that would enable Neighborhood / Precinct OrganizingOthers have had similar visions and actually created such capabilities. Two noteworthy efforts were NUMUS in Ohio and PROCINCT by Ron Robinson in California. We studied both and found that although both provided the desired capabilities; neither is a match for rVotes which had been developed and battle tested for many years. We even approached a number of national conservative organizations about inexpensively providing this type enabling capability to like-minded individuals and organizations throughout the nation. While interested in the concept, nothing materialized. Without software, we provided manual step-by-step instructions on our website for how to create a targeted walking list from readily available voter records.


We first became aware of rVotes in June, 2011 from a number of state Tea Party leaders, who had heard of rVotes and with whom we interact. We were also alerted to rVotes by Carol Greenberg, also known by her Twitter name - LadyimpactOhio, who in turn had heard of rVotes via conservative contacts in Rhode Island. Carol is known throughout the conservative blogosphere as the person who infiltrated Organizing for America (OFA) and wrote about her learning. She attended Organizing for America orientation and training sessions and was particularly impressed with how the LEFT enabled their neighborhood / precinct organizing with software capabilities, now available through rVotes.  


rVotes for is a dream come true! The rVotes capabilities exceed our wildest dreams and the business model is just as we envisioned! Specifically, rVotes’ business model is: “Give it to most for a nominal fee; charge only the big guys.” Ninety-nine out of every one-hundred organizations and campaigns get it for a nominal fee, and an affordable monthly fee is paid by the largest, statewide and federal campaigns, PACs and political organizations.   

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