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Why rVotes?

  1. Gain access to the full campaign software suite being used by national parties, since rVotes’ underlying programming and architecture is identical to the proven, nationally scalable campaign software used by Democrat National Committee and Organizing for America – convince yourself by comparing rVotes’ training screen shots to that of the Democrat’s VoteBuilder/ VAN, which uses the same underlying technology, at

  2. Can be rapidly deployed in organizations by users who, in turn, can sign-up other users in a rapid cascading/ viral fashion, unlike other campaign software that typically requires central access control – this is only possible due to rVotes’ unprecedented user-based, granular security features.

  3. Autonomous, independent groups who are like-minded can easily share their voter information with each other through easily set-up data-sharing conduits – for example, fiscally focused Tea Party groups can share voter information with socially conservative organizations.  

  4. Used by the GOP in Rhode Island in over seventy campaigns in 2010. Rhode Island Republican Party Chief Ken McKay, who was the former Chief of staff at the Republican National Committee, touts rVotes as Rhode Island’s secret weapon to take back RI from Democrats - featured in a cover story in the Providence Phoenix in June, 2011 which can be viewed at

  5. To date, deployed in Ohio to over one hundred fifty Tea Party leaders by the Ohio Liberty Council (OLC) in collaboration with The OLC paid for a state-wide license in Ohio and, by agreement with the vendor, is making it available for free to all conservative grassroots groups in Ohio, whether or not they are member groups of the OLC. Now being deployed in Florida, Iowa, with more states coming soon.

  6. Unparalleled affordability, since it only costs a total of $100/organization for the period from now until November, 2012, regardless of membership size, for county level or below access – pricing for multi-county or state-wide access costs more, but is equally affordable.

  7. Provides all the same campaign software / precinct organizing tools and capabilities & more, claimed by other software providers such as walking lists, phone banking, and volunteer management, except that rVotes’ capabilities and ease-of-use has been nationally proven over the last decade. Ron Robinson of RedState and developer of PROCINCT has determined that rVotes is far superior to his own product and encourages conservatives to use it instead of his own product.- if not convinced, perform a capability comparison assessment using the following template:

  8. Proven national scalable deployment, training, and support experience. Steve Adler grew VAN from his basement into what is today the world’s largest political software company which supports the DNC and Organizing for America. - after a five-year, non-compete, Steve Adler is now making the campaign software available to conservatives.

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