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Warren's BIO

Warren Edstrom first became involved in the patriot movement in April, 2009 out of frustration over the direction in which our country was moving. He is the founder and coordinator of the Knox County, Ohio 9/12 Project organization and co-founder of, along with Peter Wolf of Cincinnati, Ohio. provides best practices for Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing, a process that like-minded patriot organizations can pursue to organize counties down to the precinct level in an effort to become the predominant political force in the county and state.


Warren has traveled the country extensively and has given presentations to thousands of regional and state leaders about Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing. In August, 2011 he gave presentations to about one hundred fifteen leaders from throughout Ohio. Warren’s most recent convention presentation was in Columbus, Ohio at the WE THE PEOPLE CONVENTION in July, 2011. Prior convention engagements were at the UNITED IN ACTION CONVENTION in Washington DC in September 2010 and at the first NATIONAL TEA PARTY CONVENTION in Nashville, TN in February, 2010. The latter convention presentation was streamed live on C-SPAN  and PJTV.  In 2011 and 2012 he gave presentations throughout Pennsylvania. Most recently he gave presentations throughout South Carolina during a four day tour in February, 2013.


Warren has also been involved with the Ohio Liberty Council from its early days, first as an organization leader representing his Knox County, Ohio 9/12 Project organization, later as a member of the Ohio Liberty Council Advisory Board, and most recently as a Ohio Liberty Council Board Member. The Ohio Liberty Council is a collaboration of over seventy-five organizations focused on enabling all liberty-minded organizations in Ohio.


Warren has a strong interest in politics, is well-read on the subject, and has an extensive knowledge of history. He is also well-versed in the election process. Frequently, Warren is called upon to moderate candidate and issue-related town halls. In 2010, he moderated a number of Candidate Nights in Ohio District 18 prior to the Primary and General Elections. Other notable events he moderated were the State of Ohio Issue 2 Ballot Initiative discussions at The Ohio State University prior to the November, 2009 election.


Warren is retired from a thirty-five year career in the telecommunications industry. He held positions of increasing responsibilities throughout his career, culminating in his becoming Vice President of Engineering and Operations in two internet startups. Areas of responsibility throughout his career covered local central office and long distance switching, in addition to internet service and wide-area data network sales engineering.    


Currently, Warren is semi-retired. He owns and manages his own marketing company. Along with his spouse and three children, he resides on a small farm and is active in the Boy Scouts of America.

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