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Voter Focus Strategy

To Advocate Limited Government, Free Markets, and Individual Liberty

Generally speaking, as shown on the right, you engage your neighbors in a precinct by focusing primarily on 1) Independent Voters who always vote, 2) Independent Voters who sometimes vote, and 3) Republican Voters who sometimes vote.

For greater sophistication in working your neighborhood precinct, follow the instructions below. Depending on your objective, they will target your efforts and make them more manageable to accomplish with your volunteers. To view a larger PDF version of the chart below, just click on this link.

As an example of how impactful neighborhood precinct voter focus can be, note the example on the right. It is based on Voting Records for a Precinct. From these records one can determine the Registered Voter breakdown by Party and project the following scenario:

  • Need 324 votes to win
  • One can assume 226 Republicans will vote Party line and focus instead on 98 of the 287 Independents
  • Only need 98 Independents in addition to 226 Republicans to win with 324 votes
  • Could also focus on some of the 137 unregistered voters

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