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Who is Steve Adler? That is a natural question to ask by those of us focused on advocating Tea Party principles, since he spent much time enabling big-government liberals with his software., in collaboration with The Ohio Liberty Council, had the same questions. Consequently, spent much time vetting Steve Adler. We are sharing our learning with you to hopefully reassure you that he is on our side and can be trusted. If you have any evidence to the contrary, please contact us.


Steve Adler is co-founder and was the main programmer of the Voter Action Network (VAN), which launched in 2001. It became the technological foundation upon which all of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Organizing for America built their Community / Precinct Organizing efforts. Since 2007, the DNC used this technology (VoteBuilder) code as their single, national foundation for all Democrat candidates running for office in all 50 states. It currently serves as the backbone for ALL Democrat grass roots efforts. The system ties together almost 1,000,000 registered users with over 100,000 smaller races and thousands of organizations, such as unions, ACORN, Organizing for America, ObamaCare, Union's Power, and related groups. It is used internationally by liberals in most English speaking countries. Throughout Steve Adler’s tenure working on VAN, he made it known to his colleagues that his contributing efforts were as a businessman and programmer and not because of his political orientations. In fact, it was well known among his peers that if anything, Steve was conservative leaning, although he tried to be apolitical.

In 2005, Steve Adler left VAN with a substantial financial settlement, the VAN software source code, and a 5-year non-compete agreement. As a businessman, innovator, and a person with many skills and capabilities, during the next five years he pursued a number of other interests. In his spare time he continued to improve upon the original VAN source code. Some of his innovations throughout this period are the
Adler HydrOlar™ Generator and The Freedom Machine, which was a luxury motor home, self-contained, able to support a family indefinitely, and powered by free, clean burning Waste Vegetable Oil

In 2010, after the 5-year non-compete period, Steve Adler emerged with a much improved version of the original VAN source code, naming it
rVotes, and making it available exclusively for conservatives. In 2010, rVotes was used in seventy Rhode Island Campaigns in support of conservatives with sterling recommendations from all users, encompassing races from Governor down to School Board /Committee. Rhode Island GOP Ken McKay, former Chief of staff at the RNC, was featured in a cover story in a Providence magazine touting rVotes as RI's secret weapon to take back RI from worst to first in one of the worst Republican states in the union. (Providence Phoenix, 6/24-30, 2011)


As further evidence of Steve Adler’s commitment to the conservative cause with rVotes, he’s been joined by Ryan Lund, a long time GOP activist who moved from Chicago to Rhode Island. Additionally, the rVotes Board consists of Kristine Cassidy of iCaucus and Anita Moncrief, the former ACORN leader who has since joined the liberty-oriented movement.



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