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We provide the following training modules to help you quickly get started with rVotes. Just click on any of the topics to launch instructions in PDF format. These will walk you through the detailed steps to accomplish the stated task.


Walking List Instructions


Virtual Phone Calling Instructions


How to Add Users Instructions


How to Upload Phone Numbers  


While the provided modules probably cover the majority of initial user needs, we will continue to add more advanced training modules as we have time. We would also welcome training module submittals from those inspired to create one. Please use a similar format as used in the modules above and submit them to

Check out the training material for "Votebuilder Basics - Creating a List of Democrats by precinct". It was obtained from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee website and is openly shared in the public domain. Note particularly the screenshot similarities of Votebuilder (based on VAN) to rVotes, as further evidence that the underlying software technology of both is identical.

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