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  • Go to your County Board of Election to request a precinct map and Voter Registration Records, with phone numbers if available, in an Excel file - view examples on right side of this page. These are either free or will cost a nominal amount. Use the Step-by-Step instructions under the "Approach" tab to convert the Voter Record into a Neighborhood Walking List. Once you have this Walking List, all you need is a short Script and an informational Door Hanger to take back your government one neighborhood at a time.












(For Ohio residents, click here to link to Ohio’s Secretary of State web site, which has all County Voter Records available on the web site.)

  • Your County Board of Election may even have many of these capabilities available on their web site, such as a "Walk-around" list of registered voters on a street basis.
  • Depending on the County, Excel based Voter Registration Records  provide names, addresses, party affiliation, precinct numbers, phone numbers, and voting information. These can be sorted by precinct and by street for "walk-around" listings.
  • Leading up to elections, the County Board of Elections will even e-mail you daily listings of voters who requested absentee ballots. These voters can then be contacted immediately with non-partisan, educational, principle based information to influence their vote.

  • These are the same tools used by both political parties. Gerrymandering of boundaries has allowed these parties to get lazy and not pursue much "Walk-around" relationship building with voters anymore, pretty much just counting on your loyal vote. 
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