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Content Testimonials

You guys continue to do incredibly important work.  Thanks so much for all that you are doing. Peter, California

The reason we added link to "" was because it offers lots of ideas and suggestions about going door-to-door.
Judy, Missouri 

I am in the middle of starting a GOTV county organization and am much impressed by the TheVoicesofAmerica web site. … I have already downloaded the two TVOA pdf documents and was thinking of handing them out on CD's to my would be Precinct Captains as training materials. – Chuck, Virginia

WOW!  Thank you for laying the groundwork and having this tool ready for this “moment” ! Sue, Ohio

Pete, we emailed many months ago, after the Nashville event. Thank you so much for your insight and work. I am a contender for the new XXnd House District on the Republican ticket in Tennessee and am implementing your ideas as best we can. Keep 'em coming. God bless. – Travis, Tennessee

… I am immersed in The Voices of America website and so glad you called this to my attention. After just 30 minutes I have found so much to help us with the churches and with our groups in general..  Barbara, New York

Thanks for clarifying about your materials--the volume of material that you have created and produced for TVOA is quite an accomplishment. – Nancy, Virginia

Thank you so much for your article on, "Neighborhood Organizing."  We are so appreciative that someone has taken the reigns and started such a movement.  It will truly make a difference for 2012.  I've often wondered why this hadn't been started sooner.  Timing is everything, and no doubt the time for conservatives to jump on the Neighborhood Organizing bandwagon has arrived. I look forward to contact in the future. Keep up the great work. – National Women’s e-Magazine

I work with a small TEA Party group in rural North Carolina.…I have been reviewing the information on your website about rVotes, and it really looks great. – Brian, North Carolina

The XXX County GOP with assistance from the XXX County Tea Party will be conducting a Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing Best Practices workshop on Saturday, October 24.  I have already received a copy of the power point slides from your organization and have down loaded all of the printed material from you web site for reference material. I would like to provide each workshop participant a printed copy of that material as a training manual. – Keith, Georgia

I'm the Vice Chairman - Precinct Operations for the XXX County, CA Republican Party. I'm also involved in a couple of non-partisan patriot and Tea Party groups. In the next year and a half I'll be speaking to numerous groups spread throughout the county about getting our 1000 precincts organized. I plan on using much of your material and would like to download your 45 minute video. Is that possible? …You have a great website and I plan on having our volunteers use it extensively. Paul, California

 “I think what you and Pete created at The Voices of America is a singularly excellent accomplishment… Your own work has been visionary, and focused on the bottom line…elections.  You have put together the tool box that every patriot group could adopt as their own, and work to effectively influence election outcomes in their sphere of influence.” 
Paul, Ohio 

….I told the group tonight that they don't have to reinvent the wheel and gave them your website. Father XXX was particularly glad to know your work is there to help parishes like this.  They were talking about letter writing and phone call campaigns...I talked to them about the precinct organizing and sent them to read your site. – Barbara, New York

“I've reviewed your .pdf outlining Neighborhood Organizing and I'm grateful that this information is out there for us to use.  Is it available in an updated or scalable format (such as an editable PowerPoint)?” – J., Michigan

“I was doing some research about ground game at a precinct level and came across your material. GREAT STUFF! I really appreciate making this so public.” – Chad, Texas

“I am in Oregon and am member of a coalition of grassroot group leaders who are joining together to promote GOTV and saving the nation one neighborhood at a time. We plan to focus on the senate race. I and another gal will present this concept to 350 patriots and group leaders next weekend. Not a lot time to plan, I know. I wish we had money to bring one of you out to do the presentation. I liked your powerpoints and would like to talk with you if you have time.” – Heather, Oregon

“Your work has helped so many of us carry on the campaign to restore America to constitutional principles. I appreciate all you do.” – Debbe, California

“First, congrats on a great website. I have been looking for this type of information for weeks now since we activated our GOTV effort…. Your information is spot on. Exactly what I need…. I will pass on your website to others here in Arizona.” –Roger, Arizona

“The Voices of America has developed the best precinct organizing training I have ever seen. We previewed it at an NEOCC meeting, then several of us hosted the full presentation at our organizations, and this past weekend hundreds of people attended a "train the trainers" session to spread this knowledge throughout Ohio. In 2010, we will field an army of precinct workers that will change Ohio's Congressional delegation, and more. But that will gain us little unless the other 49 states do likewise.” – Jim Woods, Northeast Ohio

“Thanks you so much for sending along your PowerPoint of your Precinct Organizing Best Practices slide show. It was fantastic! Our event was very successful. We had about 150 people who attended. Everyone loved the PowerPoint.” – Jonathan, California

This type of information is the kind of power that the Utah delegates were looking for when they made their decision to oust Mr. Bennett. “The Abigail Adams Project and the precinct organizing techniques of The Voices of America did exactly what they are intended to do,” stated Kimberly Fletcher, president & founder of Homemakers for America and the Abigail Adams Project. “The whole purpose of the project is to inform voters on the candidates so they can make an informed decision when they vote. We couldn’t be more pleased with how well it worked in the Utah election process.” – Abigail Adams Project, May 10, 2010 Press Release

“I reviewed and used some of the concepts from your website during the last election cycle. I thought they were great and would like to see our members exposed to this training.” – Jim, Ohio

“First let me thank you for your tireless efforts in gathering this information, your power point, and the website. I listened on CSPAN to your presentation given at the Nat'l Tea Party Convention and have replayed the archived video at CSPAN a couple of times. I was most impressed. I have also been researching this precinct strategy since last May (2009). I now see, with your help, that I can actually take this to our various groups in Iowa and set the plan in motion. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Marcia, Iowa

“Well, I have done a thorough search of your site and all I can say is WOW and THANK GOD FOR YOU! You guys have put a huge amount of research into this. …… I have sent the link to your site out to all our state coordinators and asked them to post it on their site and we are going to include it on our … website. I am going to advertise the heck out of you guys. …. Regardless you guys have put an awesome thing together and you are truly American Patriots.” – Kimberly, Leader of National Patriot Organization

“I am a program manager for a voter registration program for the XXX County Republican Party. I enjoy the site a lot and wanted to know if it would be okay to print out your The Voices of logo on some signs to be used at our headquarters in training staff?” – Steve, California

“I heard about your site from my sister-in-law … in Utah. She said that they have gained many members from the robo-calling. … I have read through your site and want to thank you for sharing your information and experience freely given online. There are many of us that are so new to political activity and appreciate such guidance. … I like that it is nonpartisan because many people who love our country do not like like party politics, but still want to help change the direction that our country is heading. “ – Heather, Oregon

“First thank you again for your wonderful web site that got me hooked on precinct work. Now that you got me hooked I've become so active I've been appointed 3rd vice chair of the XXX County Republican Party put in charge of training for precinct work. WOW! Nothing like moving into action fast. … I've already recommended your web site to the party as a resource and will include your guides with the precinct packets”. - Susan, Ohio

“The information you provide is so valuable!! We have several members of XXX Patriots (Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA) that can't wait to get started on precinct organizing. Thank you both for this great resource! … We are thrilled to have this information. You guys at The Voices of America are amazing...we need you now more than ever!!!!”– Justine, California

“I can attest personally to the credibility of this plan since I used the same basic plan in the Bush 2004 successful election. Also, this plan is modeled after the Obama successful plan of 2008. Again, it is the best practices, you can be assured. …..I encourage you to scan through the website tabs, in advance of this meeting, to get a flavor of their approach. I can assure you it's all encompassing in terms of its depth.” – Ralph Kraus, Northwest Ohio

“We have a group in TN that is educating and enlisting people from across the state. We have a website at XXX. I would love to use some of your info on our site. Can I copy and paste as long as I use the full article and give your web address?” - Mary, Tennessee

“I have recently been elected as the GOP precinct chairman for my voting precinct in Georgia, which is about 15 miles south of Chattanooga, TN.   I have spent a fair amount of time reviewing your materials and plan to use them to help organize the voters in my precinct.  I have also presented them to the County GOP Chairman who would like to use them for training several of the precinct chairmen in the County”. Keith, Georgia

“Your site and presentation are much better than a year or so ago; good job! I checked it out after the Nashville Tea Party event where Palin gave the speech. …  I will follow your methodology in my Tennessee House of Representatives election for 2012” – Travis, Tennessee

“I will make comments on the Tea Party next Monday in the TV Tokyo. Could you explain about canvassing by the Tea Party, please?” – Professor, University in Tokyo, Japan

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