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The whole ground-game of the LEFT is based on rVotes' precursor Voter Action Network (VAN) and is evidence of rVotes' success and capabilities over the last 10 years. Steve Adler started programming VAN in 2001. To convince yourself that we are indeed dealing with the same software, check out the rVotes visuals on the rVotes training sub-tab relative to the 2011 training visuals for the LEFT's Vote Builder (VAN).

rVotes in Rhode Island with ~800,000 registered voters was up and running in 2010. rVotes was used by over seventy 2010 campaigns.

Adler grew VAN from his basement into one of the world's largest political software company.  All design, hiring, firing, security, infrastructure other tasks were performed by Adler.  VAN was Adler's second multimillion dollar business grown from the ground up.  Scalability is his middle name.

The rVotes type system beat out every other technology in the world to be chosen as the official technology of the DNC and is used by ALL states and ALL Democrats everywhere with no close competitors anywhere near it.

Every Presidential candidate that has run on the left since 2001 has used this system with Adler's security model.

The rVotes foundational technology was used in the world's largest coordinated grass roots effort in history and is credited for helping Obama's win for POTUS in 2008

Adler's model, based on military battle field hierarchy, allowed VoteBuilder to have almost 1,000,000 users. This model is very proven and is partly responsible for the total domination the left has had in the ground game.

In 2004, 10,000 palm pilots were deployed over 17 states, with people knocking on 1,000,000 doors a day.  That data all synced back to rVotes’ precursor, VAN, each night and then was instantly viewable for analyzing and making strategic decisions over wide areas.

It is rumored that Adler's creation of his bar coded walking sheets have realized  inputs of over half a billion data points, i.e. about 200M voters from all 50 states over the last 10 years.

The rVotes precursor VAN has been used for hundreds of millions of emails over the last ten years

Adler's last company had 100% client retention for ten years and running.  No client has EVER left VAN to go to another company - EVER.



Over ten years, and several dozen campaigns I have used nearly every voter database system around.  … I have already identified it as being superior to any other system I have employed.  Campaign manager for candidate for Governor of Rhode Island

The rVotes type technology was referred to by Karl Rove as "the technology Republicans ought to have."

Use rVotes as platform for tracking data collected from millions of paid survey calls annually. VP of a political paid phones firm

In just a few short months, rVotes has been responsible for over ten thousand calls to voters in Rhode Island. Deputy Campaign Manager John Loughlin for Congress

“We have successfully taught children, senior citizens and everyone in-between to use rVotes for virtual phone banking. The interface is simple and easy to use.  When paper call sheets are used, the data can be easily entered into rVotes with a bar-code scanner.” Campaign manager for John Robitalle, candidate for Governor of Rhode Island.


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