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Sample Responses
  • “How much do you people get paid to do this sort of thing?”
    • This is entirely a spontaneous effort of some voters in your neighborhood who have become frustrated with how career politicians are bankrupting our country.
    • We organized this effort ourselves. Instead of getting paid, we pay for our own printing and hall renting by passing the hat amongst ourselves.
    • We think this is the only way we can regain an honest government.
  • “I am too busy to talk with you.”
    • I am sorry to have bothered you.
    • May I leave this with you (contact information or brochure) and then come back at a more convenient time?
    • This election will probably be the most important election of our lifetime. Our financial security and individual freedoms are at stake!
  • “I never vote except in the main election.”
    • If you wait until the fall election, you won’t get any real chance to make a choice.
    • The primary is very important this year. It actually includes non-career candidates who we can trust and who represent “We the People”.
    • Might you need help with transportation?
    • We desperately need you this year! Would you make an exception?
  • “I am not aware of any issues and don’t really care much about the political process”
    • You may not be aware of the issues and their significance, because the mainstream media does not properly report the issues.
    • The politicians, in violation of Constitutional principles, are assuming full control of everything that affects you and are thus taking away your liberties and money (in higher taxes).
  • “I always vote the Party line”
    • I am sure they’ve appreciated your loyalty, but even within the existing Parties there is now dissention based on where factions within the Parties have taken this country.
    • In fact, many Party loyalists are leaving the Parties. In recent polling “Tea Party” candidates are now preferred over either Party.
  • “They are all corrupt”
    • Certainly one may get that impression because the media focuses on corrupt politicians and of course power does tend to corrupt.
    • Because of this concern many good citizens are choosing to run for office for the first time ever in an effort to do something about this corrupting influence in current politics.
  • “My vote doesn’t matter anyway”
    • Democrats in 2008 won key states by gaining only 10 more Democratic votes in each precinct.
    • It is this realization, that a few votes can make an important difference, of why I have gotten involved and volunteered to go door-to-door.
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