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  • Robo-calls can be effective in recruiting new members to your organization, notifying your organization’s members of upcoming events, and alerting voters of issues. They are consistent in quality of message, inexpensive, and are easy to produce on short notice. They are usually priced in the 5 cents per call range, per completion of calls, but may require minimums.
  •  Robo-calling is a simple, easy to use, telephone technology that lets any organization send up to a 2 minute message to hundreds or even thousands of citizens by dialing an 800 number, entering a password, choosing a call list, then recording and sending your message. Within minutes, you can contact thousands of people in your community, county or state with your message in your voice. It will even leave your message on answering machines and in voice mail.
  • Messages can be used to assure people that "they are not alone" and invite them to join your organization or the precinct "Walk-around" initiative. The message can also be used to alert people of important meetings.
  • Broadcast Voice messages transmit a more personal and emotional message than are possible with e-mail or snail mail.
  • Some County Voter Records will include phone numbers which can be used as a basis for broadcast voice mail messaging.
    • If phone numbers are not included, use online web capabilities to determine the household phone numbers, such as "The Official White Pages".
    • Of course, household phone numbers can also be obtained from your precinct "Walk-around" initiatives.
  • Robo-calls have a very weak effect for Get-Out-The-Vote initiatives. Studies have not been able to distinguish their effect from zero. Additionally, automated dialers for Get-Out-The-Vote initiatives can have completion rates as low as 15% or less.



  • Our preferred provider, TRZ Communications, is making Robo-call capabilities available at a cost of 4¢ per minute, without a required minimum cost, in an effort to help The Voices Of America. initiative be successful.
  • The total cost for reaching all 1,100 people in a precinct with a one minute voice broadcast message is $44. A thirty second voice broadcast costs only $22.
  • Get started with NotifyNOW by calling Tom Zawistowski at 1-800-846-4630, Ext 104 or e-mail him at
  • Provide your organization's billing information and the phone number you want to appear on the Caller ID when you make a call.

Robo-Call Script


Hello, my name is _____ .


I am a concerned citizen from your neighborhood who is troubled by how politicians of both parties are bankrupting our country and are jeopardizing our children’s and grandchildren’s future.


If you are concerned about what is going on in Washington, I would welcome your involvement with our community group focused on electing candidates who believe in Constitutional Principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms.


Together we can make a difference!

Please call me at _________ or e-mail me at _______.

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