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Presentation Testimonial

Peter I told you did a great job at Fort Mill….  You would not believe how many people have asked us for copies of your video to show at their home meetings. – Bill, South Carolina

you inspired XXX...who inspired me! we're getting many requests now to do this throughout the state. – Tim, Pennsylvania

“I so enjoyed your class last week about winning the election one precinct at a time. You used a power point presentation and it was extremely helpful. … If I can prepare myself adequately, I would love to teach and train these principles you used to our people in my area and around the state.” – Tim, Alabama

“This training was well presented and is something that all Tea Party movement groups need to get involved in.” - Don, Florida Director for the 9/12 Project

I'm the Vice Chairman - Precinct Operations for the XXX County, CA Republican Party. I'm also involved in a couple of non-partisan patriot and Tea Party groups. In the next year and a half I'll be speaking to numerous groups spread throughout the county about getting our 1000 precincts organized. I plan on using much of your material and would like to download your 45 minute video. Is that possible? …You have a great website and I plan on having our volunteers use it extensively. – Paul, California

I have described to XXX and XXX the following in a previous email:  Your exceptional passion, the extreme detail with which you have approach your analysis/execution, the excellent execution documents and guidelines you have created, Grassroots orientation – Randy, Colorado

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  This is going to save me a ton of work.  Modifying existing slides is infintely more efficient and time saving then doing them from scratch. Thank you so much!! – Keith, Georgia

TVOA is an invaluable resource. The more conservatives that know about it the better. I learned so much from you guys in the short time you came to speak. -  Roy, South Carolina

“Warren and Pete do an awesome training, … Individual group leaders around the state who champion their ideas have wonderful results.”- Chris, Ohio

 “The entire session was excellent. Peter provided much useful information and process that will be very helpful.”  Keith, GOOOH Organizer

Thank you so much for coming to PA & giving a wonderful presentation! – Fabiola, Pennsylvania

 “Great information / Enthusiastic presentations / Encouragement and direction for the next leg of this journey to 'Take our Country Back” -  Robert & Lorita, 9/12 Project Organizers

“…, these are the people we want to provide these presentations. They are the best there is on the topic.”- Tom, Ohio

“This was the BEST training I have attended on this subject ever! Thank you to all the 9/12 members who helped put this together! Very inspiring!” -  Attendee, Naples FL

 “It was so wonderful to listen to common sense ideas. It gave me hope that whatever small contribution I could make was going to make a difference. God bless all the people who attended & gave presentations!!! ” -  Virginia, 9/12 Project Manager

“You have accomplished what I've been trying to do since March (2009). Your presentation was great. It was short and to the point. Too many people try to get too technical and also create an overly long presentation. This is the type of thing to present to people who have never been involved in politics.” – Dave, Ohio

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today. We got a wealth of info that we can use in upcoming elections. - Taj, Pennsylvania

“Motivated me to stay involved and take more steps to restore our parties. The information was well presented and kept me interested the entire four hours. ” -   Charlie, Naples,  Florida

“I have copied Warren and Peter as I think they would be a great help to us in getting this organized as I found their class to be very informing, energizing  and realizing the importance of doing the precinct walking.  Their teaching made me also realize how important this is for all of us to get familiar with and comfortable in doing this.” – Nancy, Ohio

 “Outstanding! Every concerned citizen who did not attend missed an educational opportunity of a lifetime. ” -  Carolyn, Naples, Florida

“I was so impressed with your presentation. Even though my husband is already a precinct officer you really gave me some good ideas of how we can more effectively canvass our neighborhood. I know that we have a lot of like-minded people where I live, now we just have to get them to participate.” – Laura, Ohio

“Fantastic...motivated me to help organize to make a difference in the primaries and 2010 election! Both Peter Wolf and Kimberly Fletcher were well-prepared. Great non-partisan training for any group that is ready to do what it takes to get boots on the ground to save this country!” -  Cheryl, Florida 9/12 Project Leader

 I was fortunate to hear you and Mr. Edstrom speak at the XPO in D.C. last September.  I am now the Director of the XXX Tea Party and have regularly encouraged our members to go to your website and get familiar with your community organizing presentation. – Susan, Georgia

I'm only a few minutes into your video and my word, sir, this is awesome!  Wow!  Wow ! I will continue watching it, but this is so amazing.  I hope you can get lots of traction with this professional presentation.  This is SO much better than I can do!!!  …Seriously Pete, You are really great at explaining this stuff.  I just posted a link to the video …. Please let me know if I can do anything to help the effort, The Voices of America, and the cause! – Nancy, Virginia

I have to agree with you. I have been researching the subject of organizing Liberty groups and I went to The Voices of America website, put together by Peter Wolf and Warren Edstrom ( On the Home page, there is a video that's very good and helped me decide what to do in the XXX part of Ohio. It's a little over an hour long, but well worth watching. – Cheryl, Ohio

“I thought it was amazingly well targeted for what it was advertised to be. I also felt it was extremely interesting. Both speakers were focused on the aspects that conservatives need to accomplish to take back our country. That was what I went for, and that's what I got. Thank you 912” -  Larry, 9/12 Project Member

 “The training was incredible!! The Organizers of SWFL 9-12 did an AMAZING job putting this opportunity together. Thanks so much!!” Karena, As A Mom Leader

 “My wife and I, who are involved in my own campaign, attended this with great anticipation, since we've already heard of the effectiveness of “Boots on the Ground”- Precinct Organization. And, I'm happy to report that our anticipated benefits were not met...they were far exceeded! The information presented and passion shown by all involved in this wonderful program really helped us leave not only "pumped-up" for our own campaign, and the "ground effort", but for the future of our country with people such as the 912 group and the presenters, Peter and Kimberly, doing so much to get people engaged, excited and educated about the political process. A huge THANK YOU to Cheryl and Terri and all the other great "912" people, as well as Peter and Kimberly, who have not only planted the seeds for the real "bail-out" of our country, but are nurturing them and harvesting them! It will be because of groups and people like you that we will take our county back!!! ”  -  Dick, Candidate for Elected Office in Florida

“Your precinct organizing training this past Saturday was excellent.  Speakers did a great job, and the Voices Of America website ( is excellent. …. The efforts of The Voices of America obviously do need to take a public non-partisan approach in order to succeed, at least on the surface.  Warren Edstrom and Peter Wolf did a brilliant job, and their program should prove very helpful.  The intent to identify like-minded voters and bring them into the fold of conservative groups, hopefully converting many to becoming more activist in their stance in the future, is perfectly laid out, despite the "non-partisan" approach they take.  Brilliant…. I believe that what we learned at your event Saturday was exceptionally well done, and needs to be implemented, hopefully in an organized and well coordinated campaign, with all local conservative groups coordinating their efforts.” – Paul, Ohio  


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