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  • Get voters to Vote Early.  This allows you to use your resources more effectively.


  • Finalize the final list of targeted voters at least 10 days before Election Day.
    • Assure all contact information has been entered.
    • Assure that GOTV tracking columns exist to manage contacts during hectic final days leading up to Election Day. For example, Mail-in Ballot tracking, Early Voting tracking, and phone/ e-mail/ door-to-door contacting leading up to Election Day.


  • Identify elderly and disabled voters and provide them with Mail-in ballot applications


  • Assure all targeted voters are registered at least 30 days before Election Day.


  • Inform voters of election day and early voting schedule, including polling locations
    • Send postcards , Robo-call, phone-bank call, or e-mails
    • Blockwalk with handouts of this information


  • Find ride services to get voters to the polls.
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