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Multi-Precinct Strategy

Build a Precinct Team in every Precinct of every County for maximum impact.

For maximum efficiency and effectiveness, focus volunteer efforts as indicated on the chart to the right. Pre-election focus should be on the more liberal Precincts to educate and identify like-minded voters, but to Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) leading up to elections focus your greatest efforts on Precincts within a County who have the most like-minded voters. These Precincts will have more voters who will be most energized by the limited government, free market, and individual freedom message and who will be more likely to vote for the right candidates on Election Day.

To get a sense of the conservative to liberal split in Precincts, consult the voting results for the last major elections, such as is displayed on the right for Ohio. These voting results are available on Secretary of State web sites for your state. Ohio residents can click on the image to the right to launch the actual Excel document with November, 2008 election results for all Ohio counties.

It's best to sort Precincts in a given county based on election results using a ratio of the Republican to Democrat Secretary-of-State election result data to determine the conservative to liberal ratio determination. The Secretary-of-State race tends to be the most partisan of all races.
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