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Peter's BIO

Peter Wolf, in collaboration with Warren Edstrom, co-founded in July, 2009. Their goal was to provide Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing Best Practices nationally to all liberty-minded organizations in order to help them grow their membership, gain increased political clout, and ultimately win elections. Peter and Warren recognized that Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing methodologies, such as targeted door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone calls, and local meetings, have the strongest statistical correlation with Getting-Out-The-Vote and winning elections.   

Peter has traveled the country extensively and has given presentations to thousands of regional and state leaders about Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing. In August, 2011 he gave presentations to about one hundred fifteen leaders from throughout Ohio. Peter’s most recent convention presentation was in Columbus, Ohio at the WE THE PEOPLE CONVENTION in July, 2011. Prior convention engagements were at the UNITE IN ACTION CONVENTION  in Washington DC in September 2010 and at the first NATIONAL TEA PARTY CONVENTION in Nashville, TN in February, 2010. The latter convention presentation was streamed live on C-SPAN and PJTV. Peter also gave presentations in Orlando, Florida to the Florida Leadership Summit, consisting of about eighty patriot organization leaders from throughout the State of Florida. While in Orlando, Peter Wolf was interviewed by free-lance reporter, John Sipos, who has his own radio talk show in the Florida market. In 2011 and 2012 he gave presentations throughout Pennsylvania. Most recently he gave presentations throughout South Carolina during a four day tour in February, 2013.

Aside from his responsibilities for, Peter is on the Advisory Board for the Ohio Liberty Council, a collaboration of over seventy-five organizations focused on enabling all liberty-minded organizations in Ohio. He has been active with the Ohio Liberty Council since its first planning meeting in July, 2009, which culminated in a rally of ten thousand people at Ohio’s State Capitol in Columbus with Judge Andrew Napolitano as keynote speaker.

Peter’s first involvement in politics was as one of the earliest members of the grassroots, non-partisan Cincinnati 9/12 Project organization in February, 2009. His joining the organization was in response to the federal government’s out-of-control spending and infringement on private property rights. Despite having no prior political experience, he became a member of the Cincinnati 9/12 Project Steering Committee and collaborated with the Cincinnati Tea Party organization. As an event planning team member for the latter, he managed nearly thirty organization booths for the September 5, 2009 Voices of America rally in West Chester, Ohio, which drew close to eighteen-thousand attendees.

Peter retired from a top Fortune 50 Corporation in 2002 after a successful twenty-nine year career in Research & Development and Supply Chain Redesign. He was considered one of the key Fortune 50 thought leaders and change agents focused on achieving best value supply chain and procurement metrics and work processes. In recognition of his e-commerce supply chain industry leadership, he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and in Chemical Week. Prior to his supply chain and procurement focus, Peter spent twenty years innovating in the Research & Product Development organization, resulting in a number of product and chemical process patents.

Since retiring from corporate America, Peter engaged in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits. Most recently, he incorporated Wolf Technology Solutions, LLC in January, 2009 as a culmination of his life-long passion and interest in computers, software, and how to best leverage both for productive gain. Immediately after retiring from Procter & Gamble, he co-founded Diamond Business Consulting, LLC in early 2002, focusing on mid-market supply chain improvement opportunities. 

On a personal note, Peter, along with his parents and two brothers, immigrated to the United States from Germany at age ten to pursue the American Dream. It is this recognition of America’s exceptionalism that motivates Peter to be involved in the liberty-minded movement to assure adherence to Constitutional principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms. Peter is married and has three grown sons who are all pursuing successful careers in the Computer Engineering field.

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