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Meeting Tips
  • Stay on agenda
    • Designate a time keeper
    • If an unexpected popular issue is raised, take a vote to determine if want to take 5-10 minutes to discuss issue immediately or later. Could also opt to assign volunteers or a committee.


  • Overcome anxiety and/or burnout
    • Indicate that taking action with like-minded neighbors is an antidote
    • Share local, state-wide, or national successes
    • Elections are often won or lost by small margins, each vote is important


  • Provide periodic precinct updates.
    • May even start a precinct web site.
    • Assure that on follow-up e-mails will use blind-copy (bcc) feature to hide e-mail addresses


  • Assure that obtain suggestions, feedback, and critiques from volunteers
    • What was done well
    • What could be improved 


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