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Meeting Agenda
  • Facilitate a sense of common goals /community and motivate.


  • Provide an overview
    • Precinct organizing process
    • Precinct organizing action timeline and key election related dates
    • Explain where people fit into the process
    • How training and materials will be provided


  • Describe each precinct team task & ask for volunteers
    • Voter canvassing to identify likely voters and gather contact information
    • Door-to-door persuasion to inform, educate, and recruit voters using flyers
    • Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Team – importance of last 72 hours prior to the election
      • Early Voting and Mail-In-Ballots
      • Election Day callers, drivers, poll checkers, and baby sitters
      • Blockwalkers with Voter Guides
    • “Social” event and fundraising ideas
    • Data entry to keep the Voter Records updated


  • Ask people for contributions to help defray precinct organizing expenses.
    • Pass a basket or have one at the door with a sign.
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