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Leaflets and door hangers typically have weak effects on voter turnout

  • 1 vote per 189 registered voters


Leafleting less cost effective than door-to-door canvassing

  • 10 cents per leaflet
  • $12/hour to drop leaflets
  • 45 leaflets dropped per hour x 1.5 voter per address = 67.5 voters per hour

Door hangers that provide information about polling locations and local candidates may be more effective than standard leaflets – findings are suggestive, not significant

Voter list use     

  • If neighborhood with high voter registration, blind canvassing often more cost effective
  • If low voter registration, blind canvassing will waste time and paper

Leaflet design

  • Use visually engaging layout
  • Convey a simple clear message in large print
  • Give message credibility by including more detailed information for interested readers – direct to website or provide phone number to call
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