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Leadership Meeting
  • Identify who will lead each of the Precinct Team areas of responsibilities
    • Agree on what tasks each area entails
    • Identify volunteer support needs for each area


  • Identify targeted voters for canvassing in precinct using Voter Records and Precinct Map
    • Break precinct into sections for Blockwalking


  • Develop Precinct Action Plan
    • Voter canvassing dates & training - 1st and 2rd round timing
    • Data Entry Team meeting, schedule, strategy
    • Voter persuasion, registration, and Mail-in-voter plans with flyers - 1st and 2rd round timing
    • Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Plan with Voter Guides – early voting, Mail-in voting, and election day 72 hour plan
    • Supportive actions such as socials, precinct wide meetings, etc.


  • Plan Precinct “Social” Meetings to inform, educate, and recruit
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