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How Create Team
  1. Host an introductory event
    1. Entertaining and interesting events to discuss relevant Constitutional principles
    2. Potluck dinner
    3. Coffees, BBQ’s, Chili Suppers
    4. House Party affiliated with a like-minded community organization
    5. DVD Night
    6. Political Statement Costume Party
  2. Reach out to personal social networks
    1. Invite people you know who share your political and social values
    2. Ask them to invite their friends and acquaintances who also  share these principles and values
    3. Network with acquaintances from: Church, work, children’s school and sports
  3. Gather contact information as people arrive via a sign-in sheet
  4. Get to know each other
    1. Go around and have people introduce themselves
    2. Talk about direction of country and if they have ever volunteered for anything
    3. You may want to take notes about personal details like the issues that concern them as well as the likelihood your guest might be interested in volunteering.
    4. If you have a large amount of people, you may want to designate several facilitators and break your party into manageable groups of 10 to 15.
  5. Follow-up
    1. Within a few days after the event, call or email everyone who attended and thank them.
    2. Ask if they would like to participate in similar regularly-scheduled events.
    3. At this phase, target prospects — not recruit volunteers.
    4. Just ask them to commit to attending interesting events where they can participate in lively conversations.
    5. Ask what their preferences are from the list in Step #8.
    6. Target for 10 - 20 participants. With absenteeism and attrition you will still have a lively group.
  6. Build an Excel database of prospects
  7. Schedule monthly or bi-weekly events
    1. The events should be slightly structured.
    2. Announce the subject before the get-together and encourage attendees to become knowledgeable in order to participate in the discussion.
    3. This will create community involvement; personal connections and help people become better informed.
    4. Event ideas: A Constitutional based Book Club, Issue Forums, Movie Nights,  Study Groups, Coffee House Gatherings, Meet at bars (“Drinking Conservatively” or “Drink ‘til You’re Red”), Wine or Beer Tastings, Constitutional Play Dates, Afternoon Teas, Regular Potlucks,  Constitutional  Trivia Competitions
  8. Identify Precinct Leadership Volunteers
    1. The best candidates for precinct leadership positions will become apparent.
    2. Approach them and ask them to be part of your precinct organization leadership.
    3. Assign volunteers to precinct leadership positions based on their location in the precinct or based on skills and/or availability.
  9. Keep the momentum growing
    1. Many of your friends and neighbors may feel equally upset about the direction of our country, but because of family, job, and other obligations may not know about your organization or of other like-minded neighbors.
    2. They would be eager to connect with like-minded organizations such as yours. They’re just waiting for someone to ask.
    3. With a targeted “friend-to-friend” approach, a few volunteers can reach a vast number of like-minded individuals who are interested in working together in taking back our country from out-of-touch, corrupt politicians.
  10. Start a friend-to-friend campaign
    1. Ask new participants to reach out to their social networks
    2. Have volunteers select 15 to 20 people they might know (even slightly) from the County’s Voter Record list, who might be interested in connecting with a Constitutional principle based community.
    3. Have these volunteers use the Blockwalking or Robo-call script as a guide to engage and invite their selected acquaintances to participate in regularly scheduled events.
    4. Because the volunteers already know the person, they don’t have to make the much feared cold calls
    5. Maintain a database of who was called and the results of the call
  11. Keep all prospective volunteers informed
    1. Through a Yahoo or Google email Group
    2. Via a phone network/tree for people without email access
    3. Distributing a Newsletter
    4. Newspaper announcements
    5. Bulletin board notices
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