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  • Ideas
    • Garage sale, bake sale, ice cream social, car wash, dog wash, silent auction, pot luck,
    • Ask for contributions at meetings and social events 
    • Require modest membership dues for precinct “club”
    • Sell T-shirts and buttons at a small profit
    • An annual event that could become a precinct tradition
    • Brainstorm for ideas at precinct meetings


  • Avoid Party affiliations, since will be subject to state fundraising and ethics laws pertaining to Parties. For example, in Texas:
    • Any club or organization associated with a Party can raise or spend $500 before it has to appoint a campaign treasurer and start filing reports.
    • If a club exceeds this $500 threshold in the middle of a campaign, it will be “frozen” from doing any further activity for a 60 day period.
    • If you exceed the $500, the club or organization has to register as a General Purpose Committee with the Texas Ethics Commission.
    • If you plan to do any activity to support or oppose a candidate for statewide office, state legislator, state Board of Education, or any multi-county district office, the club or organization has to register 30 days before the election.
    • This $500 threshold is a one-time, cumulative  threshold  on a per election, per candidate, or per year basis.
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