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Excel Importation
How To Import Comma Delimited Files Into Excel
  1. First go to the Secretary of State web site for your respective state and check if County Voter Records are available on the web site. Otherwise, check with your County Board of Election web site for the Voter Record file. (For Ohio residents, click here to link to Ohio’s Secretary of State web site.)
  2. The data may already exist in Excel format, in which case you’re done. If not, it may be in a "comma delimited" format that will load into Microsoft Excel or Access as well as many other spreadsheet or database programs.
    • Many of the available files contain a significant quantity of data records.
    • A spreadsheet program, such as an older, pre-MS Office 2007 Excel, may not allow all of the data in a file to be loaded because of a limit on the number of available rows.
    • For this reason, it is advised that a database application, such as MS Office Access, be utilized to load and work with the data  
  3. To import "comma delimited" files into MS Office Excel 2007 or beyond, do the following:
    • Download the file to a folder. The file may be a compressed ZIP file.
    • If a ZIP file, double click on the downloaded ZIP file and de-compress it to a “txt” "comma delimited" file
    • Launch Excel and from the dropdown menu chose “Open”
    • Under “Files of Type” at bottom of window, chose the following: “Text Files (*.prn, *.txt, and *.csv)”
    • Select the “txt” "comma delimited" file created in step 3d above and click “Open”
    • In the “Text Import Wizard” which pops up chose the following:
      • “Delimited” versus “Fixed Text” and click “Next”
      • Select “Tab” and “Comma” as delimiters in the next dialog box and click “Finish”
      • The Excel document with data in columns will then be created
    • Be sure to save the created Excel file
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