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Election Fraud

In addition to pursuing “Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing” to engage and mobilize like-minded, concerned conservative and moderate voters, who have decided to be the “Silent Majority” no more, we must be vigilant to stop voter fraud which disenfranchises legitimate votes. Analyses have shown that much of the voter fraud is facilitated by voter access initiatives advocated by liberals, such as automatic voter registration when applying for driver licenses, unrestricted absentee ballots, and early voting.

In 2010 liberals were discussing a Universal Voter Registration (UVR) law, which would further subvert and corrupt the voter registration process. The Universal Voter Registration (UVR) law would override all state election laws and force states to register everyone to vote who is on welfare, is unemployed, has a driver’s license, or is a property owner. Many people on these lists are duplicates and many are illegal aliens. For more information, click on this sentence to link to an article by Allan Erickson, titled “Dems positioning to rig November Elections?”.


To assure Election Integrity go to
In Ohio, contact the Ohio Voter Integrity Project Organization.

To assess the potential for voter fraud in your state, check out the American Civil Rights Union website.

To win the 2008 presidential election, much evidence exists which suggests that election fraud occurred in states with Secretaries of States elected as a result of George Soros’Secretary of State Project. Voting fraud or voting irregularities were made possible by actions and decisions made by these Secretaries of States. For example, in Ohio, where President Obama beat McCain by fewer than 270,000 votes, the following occurred: 

  1. The Secretary of State as one of her first acts, once in office, unilaterally re-interpreted Ohio Election statutes governing the overlap of the voter registration deadline and the start of early voting. The Secretary of State created a scenario in which residents could fill out a voter registration and immediately cast a vote. Without interlocking cross-checking capabilities, anyone could register and “cast a ballot” in multiple locations.  The Secretary of State ordered the unprepared and understaffed County Election Boards to set up voting centers that would assure a massive turnout and, amazingly, banned all poll-watchers from the vote centers.  (As an aside, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to register new voters. )
  2. As a result, over 600,000 new Ohio voter registrations were obtained, but the Secretary of State declined to enforce the provision of the “Help America Vote Act, which would have required the Secretary of State to use databases to allow verification of these new registrations. Furthermore, the Secretary of State would not allow county Boards of Election access to information they needed to verify the newly-registered voters. In fact, the Secretary of State admitted that known “discrepancies” existed for about 200,000 registrations which failed the “match-up” test in which voter information is compared to driver’s license and Social Security databases. The Secretary of State argued that she did not have the necessary time to rectify the situation and that nothing in the “Help America Vote Act” states what should be done if a mismatch is discovered. A federal U.S District judge ruled that she was breaking federal law by not performing the verifications and blocking database access to the eighty-eight County Boards of Election, only to be overruled in a split decision by the 6thCircuit Court of Appeals on a technicality. The brief opinion from the court stated that the federal law which called for computer checks of new voters did not authorize private lawsuits to enforce it (a lawsuit had been filed by Ohio’s Republican Party).
  3. In contrast, Ohio’s Secretary of State sought to invalidate a million signed, absentee-ballot applications issued by the McCain campaign, due to a technical issue of inadvertently having an extra, unnecessary checkbox. The Ohio Supreme Court later overturned this Secretary of State’s directive.

George Soros pursued the Secretary of State Project leading up to the 2008 election, in collaboration with ACORN’sProject Vote, Vote from Home and other programs. TheSecretary of State Project targeted its funding efforts on Secretary of State Races in seven swing states to obtain control of the vital Secretary of State offices that determine who votes and how those votes are counted. In Minnesota, the Secretary of State Project was responsible for electing Secretary of State Ritchie, who oversaw the voter irregularities in the Coleman / Franken Senate contest. George Soros is affiliated with many radical left organizations such as, DailyKos, and the Center for American Progress.

Overall, voter fraud occurred in twenty or more states in 2008. For example, eleven Florida ACORN employees were charged with voter registration fraud. In Ohio, specific voting fraud assertions were associated with absentee voting, early registration & voting, inability to verify voter records, and election monitoring. ACORN was very much involved in many of these issues with its Project VoteVote Today Ohio, and  Vote From Home initiatives. The latter organization had out-of-state operatives who used temporary addresses within the state so they, too, could vote in Ohio, in addition to recruiting in-state residents to use absentee ballots. In Franklin County, Ohio thirteen out-of-state registrants were prosecuted for registering voters and, even though they were out-of-state, either cast early voting ballots or submitted applications for absentee ballots before leaving the state. During the 2008 election, many Cuyahoga County area residents were hounded by ACORN to register to vote multiple times, some up to a total of seventy-two times over the course of eighteen months. In fact, ACORN has a history of voter fraud in Ohio as evidenced by allegations of turning in falsified voter registration cards in Franklin County, Ohio in 2006.  In 2004, ACORN turned in voter registration cards in Cuyahoga County, Ohio which had the highest rate of errors for any voter registration group. For more information on how illegal registrations get converted into votes, click on this sentence to launch the article website.

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