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rVotes is designed to unite faction groups under a common roof while not giving up any autonomy. rVotes’ precursor, VAN, was originally designed to coordinate the efforts of liberal faction groups that despised each other, but hated the RIGHT even more.  It is a proven platform for organizing and activating volunteers and grass roots efforts on a massive and scalable level, while at the same time, it is designed for the smallest of committees / groups. Consequently, rVotes’ IT architecture is ideally suited for allowing collaboration among the many distributed, autonomous Tea Party organizations.


State-wide deployment of rVotes is achieved by offering rVotes access to county level or below leaders for a very small fee, who become rVotes administrators. They, in turn, are able to add rVotes users to their group, dictating precisely what rVotes capabilities are passed onto these new users. These new users can, in turn, add new users under them, also dictating the rVotes capabilities to which these new users have access. Allowed user capabilities can be adjusted at any later time. In essence, the initial rVotes leader / administrator creates a downward cascading rVotes community which can seamlessly collaborate to pursue Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing tasks, such as door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone banking, voter identification using common surveys, use of common scripts, and much more. All new voter information data obtained by this rVotes community through surveys can be added to the existing, publically available voter records information (from the Board of Election) already available in rVotes. Over time, enough new voter information will be obtained to allow effective, precise micro-targeting of voters.


For a state-wide deployment of rVotes access to county level or below leaders, it is advisable that someone in the state volunteers to serve as the sign-up coordinator to assure that only those abiding to the core principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberties are given access. This person would perform the appropriate due diligence, but would not have any control or access to the respective rVotes county groups / committees that are created. Someone should also volunteer to provide in-person training, to complement the online training provided by rVotes personnel.


While county or below rVotes access is obtained for a very small fee, a modest monthly fee is paid by the largest, statewide and federal political organizations, campaigns, and PACs. For example, if a centralized coalition of “Tea Party/ 912” leaders exist; they could form an rVotes Leaders Committee and purchase a state-wide rVotes access license. This would allow this committee to collaborate with any other group within the state and agree to freely exchange, reciprocal newly obtained voter information. The central rVotes Leaders Committee can use this state-wide view of voter information for analyses, coordination, and strategy development. Not only could this type collaboration occur with any of the above mentioned county or below groups who obtained rVotes access, it can also include other like-minded organizations that have purchased a state-wide rVotes access license. For example, the centralized coalition of “Tea Party/ 912” leaders might want to freely exchange relevant voter information with state-wide social-conservative organizations, such as Right-To-Life, etc. Advantages of this decentralized collaboration and voter information/ data sharing are that the potential for misdeeds regarding the valuable voter information is minimized, since no one organization has ownership of all the state’s voter information data. Additionally, by assuring local county or below rVotes group / committee autonomy, the centralized coalition of “Tea Party/ 912” leaders group minimizes their exposure to electioneering accusations, given their likely 501c3 or 4 status.


To facilitate your state’s deployment of rVotes, we provide you with the following (just click on the links to view the PDF forms): 1) a sample rVotes deployment letter to state Tea Party/ 912 leaders, 2) an rVotes Access & How To Get Started Instructions guide, as used in Ohio’s July, 2011 rVotes deployment, and 3) a guide for loading phone numbers into rVotes.

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