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  • Take along a child when block-walking. More doors will be opened. If you don't have young children of your own, adopt a child for the block-walking from one of your neighbors. It will be an excellent civics lesson for the young children.
  • Use identifying name tags, buttons, or t-shirts. Should be provided by organization. Bring umbrellas or plastic covers, in case needed due to rain.

  • Take off sunglasses before speaking to anyone.
  • Step back from door after ringing bell so less threatening to apprehensive homeowner
  • Work off script and listen. Informal communication style works best. Canvassers should use own speaking style
  • Canvassers should only answer questions which focus on why canvasser personally supports the campaign, unless canvasser is quite knowledgeable. Otherwise have voter call “headquarters”.  Confine conversation to Constitutional Principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms.
  • Focus on the future. Discuss where we are versus where we would like to be.
  • Be succinct and a good listener.
  • Be pleasant and friendly
  • Get the voter’s contact information – phone numbers & e-mail.
  • Admit if you don’t have an answer to a question and promise to get the information and call again. Paves the way for a second call.
  • Leave information flyer and contact information for precinct leaders
  • Refer any media/ press inquiries to the Precinct Coordinator
  • Give updated Voter Records back to the Precinct Database Manager
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