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Italics indicate that not currently activated for some states.


Walking List

  • Bar Coded, route optimized walking and calling lists
  • Custom report (list) features.
  • Ability to share reports
  • Map based, graphical turf cutting for walking list creation

 Volunteer Phone Bank

  • Integrated, web based Virtual phone banking allowing people to canvass from home with no required software or hardware
  • Suppress bad phone and email
  • Neighbor-to neighbor option for VPhone bank allowing preferential assignment of voter to caller based on any combination of distance, age and gender.

Voter ID w/ Surveys

  • Any survey can be married to any list for uniform canvassing regardless of the medium (digital devices, phone, walking Robocall, etc)

 Micro Targeting

  • Micro targeting engine
  • Each qualified user can produce detailed micro targeted lists to act upon


  • Early Vote/ Absentee / Vote by Mail drive and tracking system
  • Real-time , integrated GOTV system with Virtual phone bank, volunteer management and iPhone integration

 Volunteer Management

  • Powerful and flexible Basic Volunteer management
  • Support for unlimited number of committees and users for each committee
  • Ability to share and assign lists to other users
  • Sharing of volunteers and events
  • Basic event management
  • Volunteer FastTracking allowing volunteers to near instantly click and start doing productive work for a committee

 Voter Fraud

  • Integrated Voter Fraud Detection and reporting layers

 E-mail Blasts

  • Suppress bad phone and email

 Data, Upload, & Search

  • Up to date Voter database with data enhancements
  • Open export and bulk import of data
  • SmartName Nickname resolver
  • Demographics of list
  • Unified database core allows any and all data to be seamlessly integrated within single system (some custom programming may be required depending on complexity)
  • Track and search by donations
  • CapitalList (tm) Data Model to sell data to other organizations / campaigns
  • Ability to add new person to the voter database
  • Ability to add and track out of state donor to voter database.
  • Ability to add new address to existing voter's address
  • Data warehousing and advanced cross tabs for detailed data and trend analysis
  • QuickFill data filler for instant and free data filling

 Mobile Data Entry

  • Digital Hand held device integration for super-efficient, wide scale canvassing (Palm Pilot, iPhone, Smart phone)

IT System Interfacing

  • Compatibility with any third party vendor, from email blasts to those old fashion Predictive Dialing systems used by telemarketers.
  • Social Media integration
  • Custom API Integration
  • Form Letters from web


  • Granular security and auditing model
  • Auditing reports

 IT System Management

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Tech support
  • Report generation for any and all issues and tags.


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