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Republican, Democrat, or Independent candidates can use this Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing methodology to win elections. Similarly, this methodology can be leveraged to elect Party Precinct Executive or Committeeman / women to County or State Central Committees of either Party. Let’s face it, the votes are in the neighborhood precincts!

For elections, Voters will have to decide, at their local levels, which candidates can win the election and come closest to adhering to the Constitutional principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms. Constitution principle based organizations can help educate voters and help them make informed candidate choices by holding Candidate Nights and by providing non-partisan Voter Guides.

Both, Republican and Democrat big-government, career politicians have gotten us to where we are today, i.e. unsustainable debt and an oppressive large government with massive intrusion into the private sector with associated reductions of individual liberties. These incumbent, career Party politicians have lost touch with their constituents. They have succumbed to lobbying and special interest monies which help pay for their campaigns, while assuring “pork” in bills as payback to these contributors. Once elected, political contributions from lobbyists and special interests allow politicians to purchase much media advertising which assures reelection, despite no longer serving the people. These politicians no longer adhere to the Economic Principles for a free market, which have made the U.S.A. the wealthiest, most successful, and most powerful country in the world. If any incumbent politician claims otherwise, have them prove their allegiance to Constitutional principles through their voting record and their stand against “pork” spending!

Constitutionally-grounded political candidates who support limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms will originate from many sources. The Republican Party right now has an internal struggle between conservative, Constitutional politicians and those who want to maintain the status quo. We are also seeing disenchanted Republicans leave the Party to run as Independents. Conservative Democrats are leaving the socialist-oriented Democratic Party. Lastly, the ranks of Independent candidates will grow due to efforts of “Get Out Of Our House” ( GOOOH ) started by Tim Cox. GOOOH uses a rigorous screening process to identify like-minded citizens willing to run for office. They also use citizen, instead of special interest monies, to fund the campaign. While we don’t endorse individual candidates or Parties, we certainly endorse this approach to get more people involved in the political process.

Lastly, many Constitution principle based organizations are encouraging members interested in becoming Party Precinct Executives or Committee Persons to run for these offices with the hopes of having Parties offer more conservative, Constitutionally oriented candidates. Many of these positions are currently vacant and candidates have a 30-50% chance to run for this position unopposed. For more perspective, view our separate “Becoming a Precinct Exec” tab on this topic.

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