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Call to Activism

By Peter H. Wolf,

The America we have known and grown up in is literally being transformed by Progressives into a nation more akin to socialist countries throughout the world. This transformation is being achieved through fiscal policy, thus avoiding a direct assault on the Constitution. To assure that our children and grandchildren will experience American Exceptionalism we must act now! Otherwise, similar to the collapse of the Roman Empire, we will be witness to the start of the collapse of the United States and its exceptional economy and society.

My Story

My parents came to the United States from Germany with three sons in 1961 in pursuit of the American Dream. They recognized that only in the United States could their three sons study hard, work hard, take risks, and pursue unlimited opportunities in an effort to realize their potential. My parents did this at great personal risk, since they did not speak English, were unfamiliar with the culture, and had no assurances of economic success. My father, at times, worked two or three jobs as a cabinetmaker to support our family, buy a house, and pay college expenses. In contrast, in socialist Germany at the time, none of us could have gone to college since high tuition requirements limited college only to the wealthy elite. Additionally, government bureaucrats would have prevented us from pursuing many of our career choices based on rules and regulations.

My brothers and I owe much to our parents and to American Exceptionalism. With an equal opportunity for all, we excelled in pursuing our dreams with hard work and by taking risks. We started small businesses, pursued careers in corporate America, and worked for local small businesses. We started families and each had three children of our own, with the hopes that they would also be able to experience American Exceptionalism. We gave back to our communities with donations to non-profits and by volunteering. I spent many years volunteering as a soccer coach and, when my three sons grew older, volunteering as a Scoutmaster for a troop of close to ninety scouts. Similarly, over the last fifteen years my wife volunteered with the local GED program teaching higher-level math to classes of up to eighteen students.

Our Story

Similarly, most of us are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came to the United States with identical aspirations. Our forefathers took similar personal risks to assure that their children would have a shot at the American Dream. These parents recognized that only in the United States was it possible for individuals to appropriately benefit from their studies, hard work, and a willingness to take risks. They also recognized that the freedom to achieve was only one of the many individual freedoms, such as freedom-of-religion, afforded to citizens of the United States. In exchange for these benefits, a diverse group of immigrants from throughout the world learned English and melded into a society-at-large, which became known as the “Melting Pot”. Many of the countries they left behind were either dictatorial, socialist, or communist.

Once in the United States, these immigrants, or descendants thereof, pursued economic opportunities and started families. Those willing to take risks and work hard started businesses. Many gave generously back to the communities with charitable donations and volunteering, dispelling the notion that American Exceptionalism promotes greed. In fact, households headed by conservatives give 30% more to charity than households headed by Progressives. Furthermore, business-owning entrepreneurs give over 80% more to charity than the rest of the population. In the United States, entrepreneurship and philanthropy have always been closely linked, as evidenced by Andrew Carnegie of the past and Bill Gates in the present. Regarding volunteerism, the top five conservative states were 51% more likely to volunteer than the least five conservative states.

Transformational Threat

Now we are faced by a threat from Progressives who intend to transform the United States from its status of American Exceptionalism, with its focus on equal opportunities, to one more akin to socialism, with its focus on equal outcomes. They are attempting to accomplish this with unprecedented federal spending and debt creation in support of an ever-expanding dependency class supported by ever-increased taxation on the productive elements of society. Result - a redistribution of wealth! Even worse, Progressive elites are dividing those who are economically dependent on them into individual factions, each of which is fighting for their piece of the economic pie. This balkanization of Americans assures Progressive elites that no one group is large enough to overthrow them. This is very much counter to the historical character of the United States being a “Melting Pot”.

Once this transformation is achieved, it will be nearly impossible to reverse since many constituents will have lost their motivation, self-esteem, willingness to assume risk, and skills to individually succeed. Instead, they will have adopted a mind-set that “society owes them” a decent standard of life which includes housing, transportation, food, cell phones, flat-screen TVs, cable access, and computers with internet access. This transformation is willfully aided by the Progressive culture represented by media, education, and “Social Justice” religions.

Actions Each of Us Can Pursue

Efforts to prevent this transformation of the United States can no longer be limited to merely a focus on winning elections and issues, but must include ongoing actions by each of us to deal with the Progressive media, educational institutions, and “Social Justice” religions. While these elite institutions may control the current national narrative, they do not represent most Americans’ values and principles. Aware of this, Progressives focus on advancing their agenda by relying on misinformed voters aided by their media, education, and “Social Justice” religions’ propaganda narrative, as well as low-information voters. To counter this, each of us who believes in American Exceptionalism must become engaged in this fight to engage the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens or resign ourselves to a transformed United States. Time is of the essence!

While most of our site is focused on proven, effective Neighborhood Organizing mechanics for winning elections, we have created a new Activism section that focuses on actions that must be pursued by freedom-loving Americans at all times. We have done much research and read numerous books to prepare the sub-tabs under the Activism section. This includes reverse engineering methodologies that have allowed the Progressives to succeed with only about twenty percent of the population in support of their agenda. Links to detailed descriptions for each of the actions are provided below.

It is important to recognize that we, the “Silent-Majority”, have many more people and can reverse the Progressive’s advance with our sheer numbers. Furthermore, our values and principles are founded in FAIRNESS and in TRUTH! But, this requires that all of us engage in this battle!

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