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  • Best Times for Early Voting Period
    • Contact every targeted voter who has not yet voted via Mail-in ballot
    •  Weekdays
      • Throughout day, target 65+ year olds for Mail-in ballots and rides to poll – have system in place to immediately provide transportation
      • Otherwise, target all other voters from 5 p.m. until dark
    • Weekends
      • Saturdays – 10 a.m. until polls close
      • Sunday – 1 p.m. until polls close


  • On Election Day
    • Contact every targeted voter who has not voted yet
    • Walk all day
    • If phoning does not get results, contact voters at their door between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.


  • Election Day Discussion Script:
    • “Hi, I’m ______ (your name) working to make sure all supporters who believe in limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms vote in today’s Election. Have you voted yet?”
    • If YES – “Thanks!”
    • If NO – “Will you be able to get to the polling place at _____ by ____ p.m.?”
      • If YES – “That’s great. Every vote is extremely important!” (Remind the voter of the IDs that will be acceptable.)
      • If NO – “Every vote is extremely important – many elections are won or lost by a small margin of votes. Is there something I can do to help you get to the polls like transportation or babysitting?” (Continue the discussion based on the reason the voter says they cannot vote.)
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