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Blockwalk Script

Hello: My name is _______. I am a concerned citizen from your neighborhood who is troubled by how politicians of both parties are bankrupting our country and are jeopardizing our children’s and grandchildren’s future.


Are you concerned about what is going on in Washington?


NO – What political party do you belong to?

             Do you plan to vote in November’s election?

             Thank you for your time. Good-bye.


Yes  - Great! It’s nice to meet others who are concerned. We are trying to identify voters in the neighborhood so that we can work together to elect candidates who believe in Constitutional Principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms.


  • Might you, or anyone living in this household, be interested in volunteering to help us with this initiative. --- YES --- Indicate on Voter Record list a 1-5 support score.
  • Is your phone number still __________________? --- Fix or get # and record.
  • Do you have a cell phone? E-mail? It would make it easier for us to communicate with you and send you information regarding educational events or information about the upcoming election. -- - Add cell phone and e-mail information to Voter Record.
  • Does anyone living here need to register to vote or need to vote by mail (absentee)? --- YES ---provide the forms and fill out VR.
  • Here is a flyer with information about our organization, how we can be contacted, and information about upcoming educational events.


Thank you for your time. I hope to see you soon.


Listed Voter No Longer Lives at Address

Add new resident to the Voter Record. Find out if the current resident is a Democrat, Independent or Republican and mark appropriate column. If either Independent or Republican have them fill out the voter registration form. Offer to mail the VR form for them. They will receive a new voter certificate in about 30 days.

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