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Warren Edstrom

Peter Wolf

We are grassroots, non-partisan individuals with a mission to enable like-minded individuals and groups throughout the nation by educating them about Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing Best Practices with a goal to have them gain more political clout and win elections. We are not affiliated with any Party, nor do we endorse candidates.

We fundamentally believe in the Constitution of the United States, as written and envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and believe in the preservation of these foundational principles and values. We believe in limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers and captured in the United States Constitution.

We have traveled the country extensively and have given presentations to thousands of regional and state leaders about Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing, Candidate Nights, and Voter Guides. In August, 2011 we gave presentations to about one hundred fifteen leaders from throughout Ohio. Our most recent convention presentation was in Columbus, Ohio at the WE THE PEOPLE CONVENTION in July, 2011. Prior convention engagements were at the UNITE IN ACTION CONVENTION I
n Washington DC in September 2010 and at the first NATIONAL TEA PARTY CONVENTION in Nashville, TN in February, 2010. The latter convention presentation were streamed live on C-SPAN  and PJTV. We also gave presentations in Orlando, Florida to the Florida Leadership Summit, consisting of about eighty patriot organization leaders from throughout the State of Florida. While in Orlando, Peter Wolf was interviewed by free-lance reporter, John Sipos, who has his own radio talk show in the Florida market. In 2011 and 2012 we gave presentations throughout Pennsylvania. Most recently we gave presentations throughout South Carolina during a four day tour in February, 2013.


Obviously, we can’t be everywhere. That is why, on our homepage, we make available free PDF downloads of our presentations. Additionally, we provide videos of our prior presentations. Clearly, we are trying to enable the many state and regional leaders with this material so they can provide the training themselves. The success of this approach is evident in Utah’s 2010 caucus results, in which an incumbent Congressional representative was voted out of office in favor of the more conservative contenders. Warren Edstrom had been working with Utah leadership to teach them Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing methodologies since September of 2009. We are also aware, through discussions with leaders in Ohio, Iowa, California, Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky, Washington State, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon, that they are using our website content to train patriot organizations across their states. Our newsletter is sent to patriot organization leaders in over forty-eight states.


Please contact us via e-mail with questions, improvement ideas, or to provide feedback. We are willing to provide on-site presentations anywhere in the United States, to the extent we are able. We do not charge speaking fees for our presentations, but for trips outside of Ohio we do ask the sponsoring organizations to pay for out-of-pocket travel expenses. Our experience has been that donations after our presentations usually cover these expenses.



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