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We want to thank the West Chester Tea Party in Ohio for organizing this event and for providing the video link.

Extensive Neighborhood Organizing Presentation Video
We want to thank the Pennsylvania Tea Party for organizing this event and specifically, Ted Voron for coordinating the professional video-taping and production of the presentation. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Neighborhood Organizing

Powerpoint Slides
(Updated March 3, 2013)

All donations are used to offset out-of-pocket costs. We provide our time and effort at no charge for the cause of freedom.

Since 2009, this site’s goal has been to benchmark the most effective Get-Out-The-Vote methods and to make these best practices freely available nationally to liberty-minded individuals and organizations to gain increased political clout and win elections. These methods were effective and helped limited government politicians win elections in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Unfortunately, it is now apparent that both political parties are complicit in growing an ever more powerful federal government with an accompanying loss of freedom for the majority of people whom they should, instead, be representing.

Consequently, it became apparent that we can no longer just focus on winning elections, but must defend and preserve American Exceptionalism and America’s founding principles by engaging the opposition at all times and on all fronts, i.e., socially, culturally, economically, and politically. In essence, we are attempting to limit government’s power over our lives, preserve our individual liberty, and foster prosperity for younger people and future generations. In contrast, the Big Government elites’ primary objective is to consolidate power over us and exploit us through the power and enormous resources of government.

It is for this reason that we wrote The Silent Majority SURVIVAL HANDBOOK. Based on extensive research, this book will teach you many proven strategies and tactics that anyone can pursue to grow and motivate the Silent Majority to take back our country from the political elite. These actions will teach you how to challenge the prevailing Big Government initiatives and propaganda espoused by elites. They are based on the same methods and actions used successfully by those advocating for Big Government. While you may be tempted to think that your individual actions will not make a difference, the cumulative effect of all of those in the Silent Majority throughout our nation’s neighborhoods will be immense. We must act before it is too late! The Silent Majority has many more people than those who are incited by Community Organizers, but the Silent Majority must become passionate and motivated to act in order for American Exceptionalism to prevail!

The Silent Majority SURVIVAL HANDBOOK is available on Amazon as a paperback and in a digital Kindle version. Click here to view the book chapter listing. Since we are self-funded, all proceeds will be used for our continued defense of liberty. 


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