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Main Neighborhood Organizing Presentation (Updated March 3, 2013)

All donations are used to offset out-of-pocket costs. We provide our time and effort at no charge for the cause of freedom.

Transformational Threat:

The America we have known and grown up with is literally being transformed by Progressives to one more akin to socialist countries throughout the world. Socialism focuses on equal-outcomes, unlike American Exceptionalism’s focus on equal-opportunities. This transformation is being achieved through fiscal policy, thus avoiding a direct assault on the Constitution. The unprecedented federal spending and debt creation is intended to create an ever expanding dependency class, supported by ever increased taxation on the productive elements of society.

To assure that our children and grand-children will experience American Exceptionalism, we must act now! Otherwise, similar to the Roman Empire’s collapse, we will witness the start of the United States’ collapse and along with it’s exceptional economy and society.

Actions Each of Us Can Pursue:

Efforts to prevent this transformation of the United States can no longer just be limited to a focus on winning elections and issues, but must include ongoing actions to deal with the progressive media, educational institutions, and “Social Justice” Religions. While these elite institutions may control the current national narrative, they do not represent most Americans’ values and principles. To counter this, those who believe in American Exceptionalism must become engaged as Neighborhood Activists in this fight to engage the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens, or resign themselves to a transformed United States. Time is of the essence!

To win elections, we must deploy the most effective and efficient actions that impact politics and policy, which are statistically proven and have been used since the days of Lincoln. They are Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing and consist of identifying like-minded individuals in your neighborhood precinct to assure they vote in elections. This approach works because many eligible voters don’t vote. The video below provides an excellent overview.

We, the “Silent-Majority” have many more people and can reverse the Progressive’s advance not only with our sheer numbers, but also because our values and principles are founded in FAIRNESS and on TRUTH! This, though, requires that all of us engage in this battle!


The goal of this website is to train like-minded individuals and organizations everywhere about the “best practices” for Neighborhood Activism and Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing, based on much research and experience. Throughout the site you will find detailed content covering the following and many other topics: (Just click on any of the highlighted hyperlinks to access the detailed training content.) 

    We want to thank the Pennsylvania Tea Party for organizing this event and specifically, Ted Voron for coordinating the professional video-taping and production of the presentation. Your efforts are much appreciated!

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